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As a nonprofit press, we rely on community donations and support to continue our mission. Here is what your donation will help us fund in 2023:

  • Our submission fee grants that support writer's in-need

  • Our reading internship that educates those interested in a career in editing and publishing

  • Our First Book Scholarship which helps promote accessibility in publishing for emerging writers

  • Our Transpoetic Broadside Prize which award $500 for a poem written by a transpoet.

  • Our book press which we hope to expand in 2023

  • And staff resources for our amazing team of editors and readers who volunteer their time and labor to create Gasher.

Every dollar counts.

Select a preset donation option below or use our donate button to donate any amount directly to our PayPal account. Every dollar counts and is appreciated!

All donations are tax-deductible: EIN 87-2532076

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