Chapbook Prize

The winning chapbook will receive $100 prize money + publication + 10 free copies of the chapbook!

Please read the following guidelines for submission:

  • We are currently only accepting submissions for nonfiction chapbooks. Hybrid and collaborative works are acceptable.

  • This is NOT a blind reading. 

  • Manuscripts must be a minimum of 30 pages of prose and must not exceed 60 pages of prose (15,000 words) [this count excludes acknowledgments, notes, etc.]

  • Sections of the manuscript may be published, but as a whole, should remain unpublished. (self-publishing counts as publication) Please include an acknowledgments page indicating the published essays.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions. Please, let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

  • Please include a front cover with a brief summary of the project (250 words or less)

  • Manuscripts must be submitted as either .pdf or .docx

  • Submitters must reside in the U.S. at the time of submission.

  • We do not publish manuscripts that include photos.

Submissions close May 31st!

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