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The Fall 2022 Issue is now live!

Gasher Journal is moving to a

bi-annual format and Spring 2023

submissions are OPEN now!

To honor our readers and our

editors' time and effort, we have

decided to set submission caps.

Usually, the last week of our

submission period will receive

hundreds of new submissions with a 

tight turnaround time that is not sustain-

able for our staff. Please note that we have also limited responses to one per genre. 

Applications for the 2023 Gasher Internship will open December 31st.

Pre-Order at Gasher Press


Nancy Lynée Woo

I'd Rather Be Lightning


Shilo Niziolek

A Thousand Winters in Me


Bennett Joan Harmony Nieberg

Taken Flight


Susannah Lodge-Rigal

Where the Light Feeds

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