Past Staff

Previous Editors

Ethan Choen (Poetry and Classifieds Editor)

Ethan Cohen is a poet and artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. He has been with GASHER in one form or another since 2018, and holds a BA in creative writing from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ethan's words have been published in WINDOW and Journal 2020, and his art can be found at

Rachel Cruea
(Poetry Editor)

Rachel Cruea is an MFA graduate from the University of Colorado-Boulder. She has served as managing editor of TIMBER. Her work has previously appeared in additions of The Pinch, The Adroit Journal, and The Boiler, Whiskey Island Review, and The Hunger. Check out her micro-chap The Flower Doesn't Dream of the Bee with Ghost City Press! She is originally from Ohio.

Previous Reading Interns

Daniel Garcia (2019)

Joanna Acevedo (2019)

Zainab A. Omaki (2019)

Konstantin Nicholas Rega (2019)

Kaja Rae Lucas (2019)

Lori Propheter (2019)

Natalie Warther (2021)

Julianne Larick (2021)

Jenny Wang (2021)