Kailey Alyssa

Goes On


To remember the way he took


his coffee or the look on his face in the hospital bed


a kind of torture purely ceremonial.      High cotton eulogy.



Ablation as applied to glaciers                re: chest cavities


is the process by which ice below a snow line is wasted


by evaporation or melting; a trampled aorta, a thumbprint




Hands to naked edge of cliff she

drips as if the last vesseled molecule

was his.


Last Sonoran sunrise presents as

spinal fluid. Eyelids like liquid

wings. She presses them again and 



Crack in hourglass stems from ribs

(white sand spills) he lingers as both

ant caught under plastic cup and

stutter stapled to roof of mouth.


Oh lord has she missed him. 




Framed in early morning light

his fingers trail elastic waistband and lower.


Next scene their bodies appear

heavy wet, a desert blooming in chest.


She takes her panties off one hip then other

watches him like a water drop on dried sand.


He slips in like meltwater pooling on surface,

a way to describe gorge or trace the blast.


Kailey Alyssa grew up in Las Vegas and is now residing in Longmont, Colorado. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Colorado Boulder as well as the former Poetry Editor of Timber Journal. She likes camping, craft beer, and coffee. Her work has appeared in Dreginald, Heavy Feather Review, Hobart Journal, Juked, Pacifica Literary Review and Vanilla Sexmag.


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