Adam Stutz



The indent of origin/a flight/a kiss goodnight


is a price check          the love like open


                          (like a salvo)—


perhaps a clarion        the backwash


is a bright          break in the throat—


a bitter license:           a charity


                          for something hidden


The organs       (a riot squad)


offer a harsh                    horizon


glowing in haunting         regrets


Forlornness                     has a knack for neon:


laced up with                   a backward-looking




liquor stores


laundromats                   crash-pad


hopefulness                   + false narratives


         like anglers dangling lights


         for prey                these plots


                            promised refuge once


promised faulty temples


giving rise to love songs


                           ardent elegies


for our lechery


Solitude is a diktat       a refutation


an expulsion


an expectation             bleeding politely


The memory                dances


in clothed cravings       playing


spin-the-bottle              pursuing a body


a politic of lease

Adam Stutz is the the co-curator of the Non-Standard Lit Reading Series with Mark Wallace and Jeanine Webb. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Equalizer: Second Series, White Stag, The Cultural Society, A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Prelude, Be About It, Deluge, Dum Dum Zine, The Pinch, and Where is the River. He is the author of the chapbook Transcript (Cooper Dillon Books, 2017) and The Scales (White Stag Publishing, 2018). He currently resides in San Diego, CA.


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