Kailey Alyssa

Frame a Suicide as Murder


New scene:                                         
perfectly symmetrical 
sucking yolk violence. 


Behind back his eggs
graze her hips & revert to such a state 
of domestication toes curl inward. 


They remain like snow year-round               
their vessels quiet 
against a handsy god.


Their lips edge shoulder blade
a curve appears first as diaspora
then again as whimper on body. 

Also Called a Slump
Scene unlatches quick: 
her body anchors    crotch & car 
snow melt or        runoff &              they shouldn’t but 
he knows how to dive for pearl    knows how to catch it 
between thumb & forefinger.   
They’re back to present: car pulls in teeth bite lower lip, 
a little noise like               a growling or stirring appears.

Kailey Alyssa is currently residing in Longmont, Colorado. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Colorado Boulder and now works as one of the Poetry Editors for Heavy Feather Review. You can find her work in places like Dreginald, Hobart, Juked, Pacifica Literary Review, Salò Press’ Milk: An Anthology of Eroticism, and The Thought Erotic.


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