Kristin Pino

Quotes From Family Members


Beautiful young lady

Lady as a woman

Woman as a princess

Princess as a queen


Get good grades

Grades to graduate

Graduate to get a diploma

Diploma to get into college


Stay in School

School to get an education

Education to improve studying

Studying to ace the test


Leave boys alone

Alone as in walk away

Boys are troublemakers

Troublemakers have it in bad for you


Never give up

Keep trying harder

Harder as in more effort

Effort as accomplishment


Try your best

Best in life

Life is not fair

Fair as not good enough


You see, life can be awesome

A beautiful place to live in

Where there’s stars shining above us

Shining above us like a diamond


There’s beautiful things around you

Life is all around you

There’s waves around you like mountains

Mountains around you like a tower


School is all around you

School is better for you

A place to learn

A place to get more education


Never have a Dad

Dad as in father

Father was never there

There as in no support


Had support from Mom

Mom as in mother

Mother gave me support

Support as encouragement


Dad never cared for me

Dad never love me

Mom had loved me

Mom never cared for me


Deep down, don’t know how bad they hurt me

Hurt her like she was not their daughter

Daughter like a little child

Child like a little angel

Kristin was born and raised in in Ramah NM. She wants to go to college in the future. Kristin wants to study at Eastern New Mexico University and would like to get her bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. 


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