Meadow Flores

Nice Things And Angel Wings


Poetic injustice and unfair virtues with a hint of the blues

I’m prone to the vice, we discourage the advice

I know the feeling of malice, a pitch perfect palace

Some things come naturally, I never wanted it to be


How come I live in these strange times

Where everyone loves wasting time, wasting our lives

We think about about our fate, while someone behind is sharpening their knife

I see their angel wings, but Heavenly Father why are you so far away


A hypocrite and I have to admit to it

I can’t commit to things with doubts that surround me and this place

You say you love me but I can’t see your true face

What if we lose it, well that’s when you lay back and take a hit


Holy mind, holy minds that seem to have cruel intentions

Seemingly cruel intentions which turn out to be gracious and forgiving

I see the anger slowly rise up and start dripping

A thought so cold, and a world so old

Thoughts Over The Deeper Ones


Down in Malibu it’s been lowkey

Over the stateline is hickies

The things are blurry

One day it will be calm


And my mind is murky

Some of the flowers are yellow

The moon is cool and blue, so come through

My mind has been running miles for a while


And there are more thoughts

Who even knows how to feel mellow

With these weird after thoughts

So I’ve been feeling low but nobody knows


Chill music and chill vibes it feels somewhat alright

I wish I had more mula

I wish I was back in Cali

Where things were better

But I can’t forget about the cloudy weather


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