Roshaunda Yazzi

Survivors Paths

As I walk

I walk a path leading to a door

Not knowing where it leads

I want to be sure I’ll be fine

But for sure there will be struggles

Struggles that lead to unhappiness

Unhappiness like a staircase

A stairscare that spiraling and never stops

Never they say to me

But never I will give up

For up I will look

Towards the light that shines through

For I am a survivor

And a survivor is free

Free they say

I am free

Strong Broken Heart

I never loved someone like I loved you my dear

For you took all my cheer

And the wounds you left a really severe

For I will make this clear

But for this year I will not be near

For I fear I will shed more tears

For I will smear all those years

For I will steer for a better year

But here I will regain my cheer

For I have friends who are near

And they will give my cheer

For I have made it clear

Goodbye my dear

Roshaunda Yazzie is an artist living in Blanding, Utah. She is a Native American and her tribe is Navajo. Her hobbies are playing musical instruments such as Flute Guitar. She also likes to sing and to draw. She likes to play sports such as softball and volleyball. She also enjoys writing poems because they help her in difficult times, she just writes her feelings out. But she mostly likes to write about good things so when people read it she will be able to make them happy rather than sad. She really enjoys being around family, mostly her mother because she has been there for her through it all. She is planning to continue her education and getting into college and majoring in music so she can compose music of her own and be able to perform in front of people. she plans to become a singer and perform on a stage in South Korea. She also would like to become a professional voice actor.

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