Shoniya Yanito

More Than a Choice

Every love poem mainly starts with

“Roses are red Violets are blue.. "

But mine starts like this.

Every petal that comes off a rose

Feels that my heart is falling for you.

Every step I take makes me remember

All the things that we can not take.

Every song makes me sad but I know that I’ll be okay.

It’ll make me feel weak and down

The words I love you can mean many things.

But my heart tells you that I love you everyday

someday that word will become a favorite line.

I want you to be here with me through the thick and thin.

You my love are everything than just my greatest choice.


Cloudy Days

I see dark clouds in the sky

No bird to see in the sky

The cold breeze brushing past my side

Making me feel like I want to see the sunrise.

I am up so high …

That I want to see the city lights arise .

After that I hope to learn from all the pain

That I keep inside.