Terance Woody

Love in the Dark

I can’t believe what you just said!

The thoughts going through my head.

Just how miserable you can be?

As you say those thing to me.

You have angel looks about you,

But the gift of love you forgot too.

There are blue skies in your eyes,

To give you the greatest prize.

You must think you are a goddess,

You may think you are quite modest.

Since your looks appear to be true,

But the self center is through and through.

All I given you; is one thing more,

The happiness is knocking at your door.

The words of pain taking you apart,

Let me come in into your heart.

Never Seeing You Again!

Those specials memories of you,

Through the pain you were breaking through.

Accomplishments you made,

That is all to fade.

The text messages I sent

It all came to an end.

I believe in hope,

In which I climb the rope

To my future.

When we first met,

Standing in the rain soaking wet.

You were kind at first,

Until you were cursed.

By evil,

I thought you were peaceful.

By now, you’re ashamed,

Which I do not blame.

But you are inexplicable,

Somewhat miserable.

So, I say to you now,

“I vow

To never talk to you again”.

Your ban

In mind,

To you I’ll never find.


Terance Woody is a student from small community called Rock Point, Az. He resides from a tribe of Navajo and Hopi which to this day they still exist. He is an Indigenous Native American, who is a vocal singer and fluent speaker of his Native Language. He happens to attend a Native private school called Rock Point Junior High and High School. When he started doing poetry, he was inspired by a female artist, Tanaya Winder, the director of Upward Bound program. He enjoys singing and dancing his Native American Grass Dance in Pow-wow, and also the Women Fancy Shawl and Women Jingle Dress.

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