Maximilian Heinegg




The hope I steady my jaws to receive, 

a gaudy metal glint 

of comic richness? Sadly, porcelain. 

He sculpts the falsehood, 

grinding arches. In the argument 

of the body, the nerve is all 

honesty- fighting drill flicks- 

the new arrangement gauged 

by my tongue, tenderer 

of forgiveness. I’ll pay installments 

to house this ivory grit 

I swear to preserve. 



Rouse no echo 

somewhere else, day’s business occurring- 

let their words pile into cairns, 

our traveling will be nowhere 

near their red-handed reins, digital 

liturgies, computer clocks, snarling bits 

of momentum we’ll have none of 

here, when we lose standing 

to be each other’s 

chosen, we hear only the sun-strummed 

axis, this sixth hour 

slipped, back to breath 

& its unpinning. 



once she called her dealer to say two of everything- 

two shots on her way over to usher in oblivion 

two joints to lift her shoulders & head by loyalty 

up  two lines to vacuum the void  two caps 

to sit  on her own caterpillar  two tabs 

of blotter? sometimes context has to go 

through when eves beauty pushed memory


around now we waken to dry nights inheritance 

safe to say NarcissusIsALaugher@MiddleAge 

& there’s danger in too much time at any mirror 

the dark growing fond of it’s nearness to ourselves 

that’s ruinous, so to make the rest of this mysterious 

step into long form  life’s loveliness  this old hand 

still in heart’s cursive  now they punch ‘em out 

 Maximilian Heinegg poems have appeared in The Cortland Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry, December Magazine, Free State Review, and The American Journal of Poetry, among others. Additionally,  he is a singer-songwriter and recording artist. He lives and teaches English in the public schools of Medford, MA.


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