Sophia Cirignano

You Had Me at Wild Blackberries:

drupelets erupted in your mother’s pie pan
kitchen fan whirred above
monarchs applauded
            between the thorns.
We walked to the top of Sanctuary Hill
your voice a malachite-gold leaf
slipped down my thigh and you
            had me at dusk,
when purples arise dependent on
grass that licks a crooked mountain
and the blackberry juice that stains
            the lines of your lips.

Sophia Cirignano is a philosophy student at the University of Vermont whose Italian heritage and pisces star sign have her tearing up often about fresh metaphors and apt imagery. She has been writing poems since they emerged in the form of flip books about blossoming raccoon friendships. Besides writing and studying, Sophia focuses her energy on dancing, baking mediocre bread, and wanting to live in Paris.

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