Hope Hynson

on Equilibrium

an ekphrastic poem on Amy Sherald’s “Equilibrium”

composure kept in the face of adversity

makes you worth your salt and then some

tiptoe, tiptoe—

dream too much and you’ll be caught slipping


back into the days where they would

turn your back to batter if you step out of line

align your own purpose with

what they think your worth is a

lose yourself

progress is a tug of war between

convenience and calamity

You embrace the fight, internalize it

strength palpable in tight swing of hips

you shall not be moved

immune to the drivel

on you strive

out of the scarlett

towards the light

Hope Hynson a poet and undergraduate student in the English Language and Literature program at the University of Maryland, College Park. While she has not had any creative work published, she has had journalistic writing published in her school’s newspaper, The Diamondback, and in the New York Times. She will be graduating this coming May, and will be starting her graduate studies (MA in English) at the University of Chicago this coming fall.

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