Amy Gong Liu

Seasonal Greens

for Juno


i hate //


          this primordial

goop    of spring       // when everything

gets to be sticky. and i can’t

stop thinking about sex


           and the          children in




           the crabapples.




oak and cherry // you’re 




banging on my

shoulders, like a child,

to the beat of sanity’s



so while i’m

waiting for you

to finish you

might as well              //          keep on your



until they freeze 

(brittle, like this house of worries):


             // Carefully to your west, my lover,


at a family that once populated; at

the remnants that once held our nails,

now; all rusted and overgrown. /

Happy Valley Road 


Dear God 

(in the cemetery

on the bright 

side of the hill

with alkaline

doves for graves):


I wish I could

torch the kind 

who wave goodbye 

with nothing 

but their eyes.

Amy Gong Liu writes poetry and prose about the Sino-American diaspora, translation, longing, loss, and more. She has been published in The Columbia Review, Rabid Oak, Hobart, Foglifter, and others. She thinks too much (or perhaps too little).


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