Francisca Matos



look at us bored by the pool 

we’re thinking we’re in a movie 

got our hair ties matching

the pastel spandex over 

the soft of our bodies 

got us flexin’

                           a headstand

                           a starfish, a seal

                           look at us water queens

After the Party 


Poems are the same as going home. 

They always start on a train at the very edge 

of navy blue afternoon, the almost glow of street

lamps and I am only just awake--all loose limbs 

and missing socks. Sat in suspended time travel,

inevitable thoughts, daylight savings of everything

but the mind. And then the part where the body 

has to move, the kind of walk that only recognizes

the trail of a stove’s smoke rings, a meal and bedtime--

foggy procedures of time erasure, a warm shower’s 

ability to dissolve. You see all I ever wanted 

was to come home sure of the same things as when 

I left, to nap in the comfort of horoscopes.

Francisca has just recently graduated and is moving from Lisbon to London come September in order to pursue a masters in Creative & Life Writing. You can find her on instagram @ccisca.


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