Zack Corpuz

Never Mix Coffee with Methylphenidate


you will die a viking-death

astride the keeled reticulations

of the world-serpent,


                                                                                          each coil a barb along a pelt of goosebumps,

                                                                                          each thrum a promise in the dark:

the voice in your head telling you to breathe;

the figure of an impulse along the vagus nerve;


The      wet                  bilious                       opus


            —a knell swollen in grass, its girdle thick with climax, its climax frayed and molting.


when you die in a car accident




your mid-sized sedan overturned

and leaking, the echo on the other

end of the line, promises pooling

in the curve of your flushed, rent cheek





you will enter a hall of white curtains lit

by fruit, the curtains trembling

in loose articulations of air; the fruit,


                                                                                           embers in the bough of a great, golden tree.

Zachary Corpuz received his BA’s in both Creative Writing and Communication from the University of Colorado Boulder. His work has previously appeared in The Thought Erotic.



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