Nancy Goodman Lawrence

From the artist:

My recent series of figurative works, made from my drawings of the model, are done on 16" x 16" wood panels. I take my drawings, made from live models, and recreate them in settings that are somewhat imaginary. I combine maps, vintage wrapping paper and found papers to create a lively surface and take the figure into a new realm. In the past, I have used maps in several series of works and am now introducing other materials into my collages. I enjoy exploring the possibilities.

Blue Lady

Woman Emerging

Woman in Repose


Woman in Thought

Green Meditation


Nancy Goodman Lawrence is a Los Angeles artist with a degree in art from UCLA. Her work was featured in Kolaj Magazine Issue #14 as well as the books, Collage, Assemblage and Altered Art; Masters: Collage, Major Works by Leading Artists; Geo Graphic, A Book for Map Lovers and The America Journal of Nursing magazine. Her work can be viewed on her website: and Instagram: