Kyle Kaczmarick


where they lay

pasteled, framed in oak

they fit convex/


in their bed


damask sheets and

the same sun

across them—

that they cannot

speak or move

the maroon

room, its sole window

channels the off-

canvas sun



They were married

in the lake

the moon

moons across

she could have




y’all both

in a maroon


your window

just so

so daylight


across y'alls


it’s almost

not allowed


An Inconsequential Argument

black cattle moored

in the pasture

yes it was a long drive

up here


I wanted to show you

an important place:

the land funnels

down to the lake


a corrugated moon sometimes


past the barbed wire,


they look so lonely

yes: that’s what I said:

like black skiffs

in a bay

Kyle Kaczmarick is a poet currently pursuing his MFA at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he teaches undergraduate creative-writing. He's from Houston, Texas.

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