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Olumide Manuel

Updated: May 6, 2022

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Balloon Language

Psychedelia narrated in balloon language, abrasive; i drift like a wounded cherubim

ive a wound

a rift like

a language , as if de cherub

psych rated a loon ,



de ball abra k a

d a bra. i drift like

a balloon

The boy lost in thunderstorms; a drenched pillow; the dark palimpsest of visitations im lost in thunders ; a drenched ark limps at the pill ; dark est is the boy under the palimpsest of lost storms


Olumide Manuel is a Pushcart-nominated poet, an environmentalist, and a biology teacher from Nigeria. His poetry has been published/forthcoming in Twyckenham Notes, Feral Poetry, Uncanny Magazine, Agbowó Magazine, Magma Poetry, Sandstorm Journal, Sublunary Review, Ice Floe Press, Club Plum Literary Journal, ARTmosterrific Journal, Gigantic Sequins, Isele Magazine, Muse Pie Press, Frontier Poetry, and elsewhere. He tweets @Olu_midemanuell

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