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Timothy Fox

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

daddy gone

stepped up out of the weeds

holding a rabbit by its ears

we called him daddy gone on account

his daddy gone and never come back

he said watch this

and pinched the limp rabbit’s fur

tearing it clean

and the pink flesh fell out all in one piece

we asked how he come to learn that

daddy gone flashed his pocketknife

and set to cleaning the carcass right there

saying some nights i’m an owl



Timothy Fox is originally from Texas. He received a Houston Press Theatre Award for his play ‘The Whale; or, Moby-Dick’ and a Vault Festival Spirit Award for his play ‘The Witch’s Mark’. His writing has appeared in, among others, Westchester Review, Rubbertop Review, Gordon Square Review, Passengers Journal and is forthcoming in Inkwell Journal and New Writing Scotland. He lives in London.

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