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Submit to GASHER

GASHER accepts submissions bi-annually for our online journal.

To honor our readers and our editors' time and effort, we have decided to set submission caps. Usually, the last week of our submission period will receive hundreds of new submissions with a tight turnaround time that is not sustain-

able for our staff. Please note that we have also limited responses to one per genre.


We accept submissions through our Submittable page please, do not email us your submissions.









Guidelines for all publishing, prizes, and opportunities can be found below:



For the issue: Poetry and Prose 

  • We accept simultaneous submissions. Please, let us know if your submission is accepted elsewhere.

  • Once work is submitted, it can not be revised or edited. Please do not email revised versions of the original works or attach revisions to your submission on Submittable. We will not consider it. 

  • Work must be unpublished.

  • For poetry, fiction, and CNF, please submit your work as a single document in either .docx or .doc.

  • For visual art, please submit work as .jpeg files with an introductory statement (no more than 300 words) about the collection included.

  • Please include a brief bio with your submission.

  • For Poetry: please submit up to 4 poems (maximum 8 pages).

  • For Prose: please submit micro, flash, and short stories/essays between 100-3,000 words (no more than 4 pieces totaling 3,000 words. Each piece must have a minimum of 100 words).

For the issue: Visual Art

Please note, we are no longer accepting submissions for visual art. Gasher solicits all visual art for the journal. 

Additional Opportunities with Gasher

The Bennett Nieberg Transpoetic Broadside Prize: MAY 1st - July 30th

  • This prize is reserved for writers who identify as a trans writer. This may include those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, agender, trans-masc, trans-femme, bigender, two spirit, gender fluid, or intersex people.

  • Writers cannot yet have published a full-length book of any genre (chapbooks and self-publishing okay).

  • Submit ONLY 1 unpublished poem on any subject/theme with a brief author bio.

  • Do not include any identifying information on the document of the poem. 

  • Limit one submission per writer. You may not edit your piece after its submission. Do not withdraw a submission in order to resubmit. We will disqualify all duplicate submissions.

  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please withdraw your submission if it is accepted elsewhere. 

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