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2018 Upward Bound Showcase

About The Collaboration 

In an effort to support local communities and emerging writers, GASHER Journal hosts an annual showcase of the students from the Upward Bound program. The design of this collaboration is to expose and teach high-school level students the process of journal publication both as submitters and editors. This year, we collaborated with the University of Colorado Boulder's Upward Bound program. We'd like to thank these students for sharing their work with us, the staff of the CUUB program for their cooperation, and both Dorcas Seb and our Fiction Editor, Erin Armstrong, for facilitating this collaboration in the classroom. To find out more about the Upward Bound program, please visit:

Junior Editors

Managing Editor:

Gayle Luna

Poetry Editor:

Meadow Flores

Fiction Editor:

Carla Martinez

CNF Editor:

Anatasia Small

Spoken Word Editor:

Juanita "HP" Gachupin

Art Editors:

Terance Woody

Juanita "HP" Gachupin

Letter From The Junior Editor

Dear Reader


There are stories in everything and everyone has a story to tell.


These stories are poetical, fictional, and real-life experiences. As you continue to read some of these pieces, you’ll find the stories to be funny, serious, and reveal issues that these young writers deal with in their day to day lives. I want you as a reader to look deep into what these stories tell and how they can be applied to you in your life. We are never alone, there is always someone who goes through the same thing as we are somewhere in the world.



Gayle Luna

The Showcase

Visual Art and Spoken Word

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